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Welcoming your newborn to this world is an exciting time, but if your newborn has jaundice (hyperbilrubinemia) this time can also be stressful. Jaundice treatment can be completed during your stay at the hospital. However, in some cases additional treatments are required which can extend you and your newborn’s stay at the hospital. If your doctor has informed you that your child’s jaundice needs additional treatment, BiliBlanket Rentals can help you continue from the comfort of your own home. We provide phototherapy machines to treat jaundice in newborns so you can be at home bonding with your child.



THE PROCESS (we still host)



  • Have your physician's office contact BiliBlanketRental at 855-255-2454 and fax over a prescription
  • We handle the rest!


  • Call 855-255-2454 to check the availability of the phototherapy device
  • Fax over a prescription
  • Include patient demographics and a phone number to contact the parents
  • We typically deliver within 4 hours of your fax to us


What is the cost to rent a BiliBlanket? Our daily rental fee is $95 per calendar day.

Do you charge for delivery? Yes, we charge delivery based on the local delivery companies in our service area (Dallas and Houston). Same day service is quoted at the time of the order. Delivery is typically within 4 hours of the order unless inclement weather or other travel issues.

What type of machine is used? Biliblanket rental uses the BiliTx Phototherapy System from Phillips Children’s Medical Ventures. The device is a small and light weight machine that provides one of the highest levels of irradiance (light) currently on the market. The device’s unique design allows you hold, nurse or feed your baby during treatment. For further information, please click the following link to www.???.com

Do you take insurance? No, at this time we are an out of network provider for all insurance carriers. After the competition of the rental patients submit the receipts to their insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Why do you not contract with insurance carriers? Biliblanket rentals are a small niche market which most insurance companies do not deal with on a direct basis. We understand that you pay premiums and expect providers to work with with companies however due the low reimbursement rates we do not accept insurance.

Can I submit a claim directly to my insurance company? Yes, if fact we highly encourage you to do so. May clients have shared with us that their carriers will reimburse a portion or even up to 100% of your out of pocket expense. This process may take some effort on your own behalf. BiliBlanket Rental will supply you with a complete receipt for your rental that will allow you to submit a claim to your health insurance provider. The receipt will include all information needed by your insurer including procedure and diagnosis codes and provider identification. Additionally, we will be available to answer questions from your insurer. Typically the first submission is usually declined. An appeal of the decline typically results in some sort of reimbursement once you bypass the initial front line and spake to a nurse or doctor. Once you explain the alternative as a longer stay in the hospital’s NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), insurance providers typically grant reimbursement.

How does it work? The BiliTX consists of a light source and a light panel. The light panel sits directly on your baby’s skin. The light source is placed away from the baby to ensure no heat is transferred from the machine. The light source and panel produces a particular spectrum of light that changes the molecular structure of the bilirubin as it flows in the bloodstream. Once the bilirubin has changed, the intestines can now absorb and filter out through normal elimination.

How long will my baby be on the machine? We are not medical professionals. Your doctor will determine when it’s safe to stop the treatment.

Can I hold and feed my baby during the treatment? Yes, in fact we specifically chose these machines to allow you to hold and fed your baby while treatment is underway. This enhances the bonding process which we believe is critical to your baby’s growth.



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